Remote control software with X10 support!
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IR Command 2 V3.9 is the perfect complement to control your entertainment setup (TV + DVD + Game Console + any device with infrared control) from your computer
It is a program for Windows PCs (and only PC - No Mac nor Unix-like SO version) that enables the computer to send and respond to infrared devices, such as usually find in home entertainment remote controlled devices; as well as X10 commands for controlling electrical devices. It allows controlling almost any device that uses a remote control. In addition, IR Command 2 can listen and respond to commands proceeding from common remote controls.

This software requires complementary hardware (infrared port or dongle) to send and receive infrared commands. Runs on Computers with SO from MS Windows 95 up to Vista, but with Vista, on-line help didn't work.

IR Command 2 can respond to commands from almost any remote control. For example, you can select an unused device code on a universal remote control and train IR Command 2 to respond to your selected commands.

You can access to its included COM interface from any application that supports COM/OLE protocols. This interface allows you to exame the device and button properties.

Sergio A. Durán
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  • Complete
  • Highly configurable
  • Adaptable to user's needs


  • Only for PC
  • Requires additional special hardware
  • Demo and lite versions are very limited
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